History Of The Grove

lord_claude_88 15 Mar , 2019
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There’s a great deal of history in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Scroll through to learn more about the Panagiotakopoulos family and how they established the Duvichus Grove

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The earliest written record of the Panagiotakopoulos family dates back to 1800. In this year they settled in the Peloponnese region and built their first small, stone house and planted young olive trees from the nearby mountain nearby. The home is still in use today.
With a royal decree to Eustathios Panagiotakopoupos, father of Elias (Mr ‘Duvichus’), the estates are officially registered to the family.
The estate named “Melissia” appears to be the first organized olive grove in the entire region.
In 1890 Elias Panagiotakopoulos, Mr ‘Duvichus’ himself, is born. Returning from seven years of conscription he would spend the rest of his life dedicated to the creation of exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil. He becomes one of the first to produce and sell olive oil in the area.
Elias Panagiotakopoulos, dies at the age of 93. His wife would go on to live till 104. His son, John, will take over the estates. Many new olive trees are planted alongside the family’s new vineyard
After John’s death the ‘Duvichus’ estate is taken over by Ilias. New trees are planted as well as the renovation of the old family buildings. For the first time ‘Duvichus’ Extra Virgin Olive Oil is sold abroad. The history continues, a new story begins…