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Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sustainably Harvested By Hand At Our Grove In Greece

Great Taste Award
International Olive Oil Award Logo

Kalamata PDO

Award Winning Zero Waste Olive Oil

We supply award winning zero waste extra virgin olive oil to zero waste stores across the UK.

Stocked in England, Scotland and Wales in 100+ stores.

Labelled as an infusion so legal to sell on tap.

PDO registered in Greece.

Samples happily provided.

 Give Will a call or an email and he’ll help you get started.

Zero Waste Refill Service


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Sustainable Farming

Hand harvested.

We harvest by hand or with small rakes.

Duvichus Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Bird friendly.

We don’t use bird killing heavy machinery.

Rewilding flowers olive grove

Rewilding space.

Safe habitat for plants and animals.

Eco Friendly Olive Oil

Only From Our Grove.

All of our olive oil is made by us.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Award Winning Taste.

Great Taste 2019, International Olive Oil Awards 2020.

Sustainable Farming

PDO registered.

A unique Kalamata product.

We are William and Ilias and we are Aeithalis.


We make Eco Friendly Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Kalamata region, Greece.

Four years ago, Ilias’ father sadly passed away. After inheriting his father’s ancient olive grove he and I decided to fix it up and started making extra virgin olive oil there again. The rest is history…


We love chatting to people and spreading the word about zero waste food production and olive oil. Please send us a message if there’s anything you’d like to know about how we operate.

Olive Oil Market Aeithalis Stall

How We Make Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Great Taste Award
International Olive Oil Award Logo
PDO protected designation of origin
Greek Mark

About The Zero Waste Refill Service:

Zero Waste Refill

How We Harvest:

Hand Harvested Olives

Our Story:

Olive Oil Market Aeithalis Stall


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Each 500ml bottle :

Is made from over 1200 of our Greek Koroneiki variety olives

Koroneiki olives are FULL of heart healthy antioxidants

‘Duvichus’ is unfiltered and unblended

Bottled on site at the grove