The UK’s First Closed Loop Olive Oil Company

Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil Sustainably Harvested By Hand At Our Grove In Greece

Great Taste Award
Great Taste Award
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Greek Mark

Closed Loop – Zero Waste – Award Winning

  • Over 100 stores supplied

  • Across England, Scotland & Wales

  • PDO registered in Greece

  • Labelled as an infusion

  • Legal to sell on tap

Rewilding flowers olive grove

Our grove is a healthy ecosystem, and we strive to maintain that by making it a safe space for animals and plants.

Why is our oil so special?

With olive trees that are over two hundred years old, we consider ourselves curators of our grove, and look to nuture all the wildlife that lives there. After all, heather trees are strong trees, and strong trees grow better-tasting olives.

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