Mr Duvichus’ Story

lord_claude_88 01 May , 2020


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In 1890 Elias Panagiotakopoulos, Mr ‘Duvichus’ himself, is born. Returning from seven years of conscription he would spend the rest of his life dedicated to the creation of exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil. He becomes one of the first to produce and sell olive oil in the area.


[/cq_vc_timelinecard_item][cq_vc_timelinecard_item timelineicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-road” iconcolor=”#ffffff” iconbgcolor=”#0c0c0c” date=”1922″ title=”The Road Back Home”]Elias Duvichus is 32. He has spent the last 10 years of his life in the army working on the frontlines as a radio operator. In 1922 he thankfully returns home to give some respite to his old father Efstathios and fulfil his dreams of having a big family. Soon he marries Dimitra, a strong and wonderful woman who supports him and loves him to the end.


[/cq_vc_timelinecard_item][cq_vc_timelinecard_item timelineicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-industry” iconcolor=”#ffffff” iconbgcolor=”#0c0c0c” date=”1938″ title=”The Olive Mill”]On this date Mr Duvichus gets his official license for his own olive mill. At this point he has one of the largest and oldest groves in Messenia, Greece. He is now able now to harvest, press and bottle his own olive oil.


[/cq_vc_timelinecard_item][cq_vc_timelinecard_item timelineicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fas fa-users” iconcolor=”#ffffff” iconbgcolor=”#0c0c0c” date=”1951″ title=”The Family”]He is 61 now, he has a big grove, a beautiful vineyard, an olive mill, three sons and one daughter… and some horses! He will spend the rest of his life working hard on his grove, eventually leaving the trees to his family.


[/cq_vc_timelinecard_item][cq_vc_timelinecard_item timelineicon=”fontawesome” icon_fontawesome=”fab fa-pagelines” iconcolor=”#ffffff” iconbgcolor=”#0c0c0c” date=”1984″ title=”The End of an Era”]Elias Panagiotakopoulos, dies at the age of 93. His wife would go on to live till 104. His son, John, will take over the estates. Many new olive trees are planted alongside the family’s new vineyard.